SHIRAKABA by Naniwatei

SHIRAKABA by Naniwatei


〔2024 Summer〕

The summer season menu will start from April 1st.

Reservations are required for both lunch and dinner.

For lunch, please call us by noon on the same day.
For dinner, please call us by 15:00 on the same day.

Grilled Eel Rice Box  
(Large / A whole eel)
¥4,950 (tax included) うな重(上)

Grilled Eel Rice Box  
(Regular/two-thirds of eel)
¥3,740 (tax included) うな重(並)

Payment methods:

Credit card, Cash, Ali-pay Pay-pay, Au-pay, R-pay, QR code.

Group split correspondence is not accepted under certain circumstances.
In such cases, payment by the representative is required.

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