Head Chef's Profile

Murai Koji

CEO of Susukino Naniwatei Corporation

Murai Koji, the current CEO of Susukino Naniwatei Corporation,
opened His second restaurant, Robata Niseko Naniwatei, in Niseko during the winter season of 2016.

The late founder and Murai-san's father was born in Osaka but moved to Hokkaido in 1962 to open Naniwatei, a traditional Japanese restaurant. In the same year Naniwatei was opened, Murai Koji-san was born. As he finished school, he headed to Kyoto to train in a washoku restaurant for a few years and then returned to the family restaurant namely, Susukino Naniwatei, in Sapporo, which is now in its 59th year.

While managing the two restaurants as the president and as one of the head chefs, he always tries to develop new food products not only for Naniwatei but also for the local consumers. Murai-san is still researching different ways on how to maximize and innovate the use of local ingredients found only in Hokkaido to leave the customers in awe whenever they visit the restaurant.
His other main specializations are food development & formulation. Currently he is also an active food consultant for the Hokkaido prefecture.

Despite the arrival of the new generation, For Murai-san, one thing is unchanging, Naniwatei's traditional adage:
"Amazing Japanese Cuisine & Genuine Hospitality"