「Delicate Robata Kaiseki served from the fresh spring water of Niseko」

Founded in 1962, Susukino Naniwatei opened a Robatayaki restaurant in Niseko during the winter season of 2016 namely, Robata Niseko Naniwatei and it is currently operating in its 6th season.

Niseko was chosen as the home of the Murai family’s newest restaurant as a gateway to introduce Japanese cuisine globally. The additional touch of Naniwatei’s original robatayaki, multi-course style meal and the restaurant’s direct access to the spring water flowing from Mt. Annupuri creates a more delicate umami flavor for the meals served using the fresh vegetables and ingredients of Niseko.

By making his own Japanese food genre called Robata Kaiseki the head chef, Murai Koji, challenged himself to make different kinds of kaiseki dishes carefully cooked on the Robata grill using Niseko’s finest ingredients to serve to the guests that are visiting from all over the world.

Robata Niseko Naniwatei aims to achieve world class hospitality, offer a different perspective in Japanese food by serving them Robata Kaiseki style while enjoying our homemade refreshments and the finest sake from different regions across Japan.